feaster leipers fork style*

What do you do on Easter you live in a small town like Leipers Fork? Well you have dinner with your neighbors of course. All 400 of them. Well it was supposed to be about 200 but a few extras showed up.

One of the magical things about living in Leipers Fork, TN. is the sense of community and genuine southern charm. People get to know each other. They ask how you are…and really mean it. And we have events like Feaster. img_9685

The directions were simple. It was held in the big field across from town…Bring a dish to pass and bring your fine china…because paper plates were not allowed. Dress was hillbilly chic and the blessing was at 3:45pm…Dinner was at 4. Clean up and take what you brought in because “we ain’t your mamma”.

My husband took the hillbilly chic comment very seriously. Real men do wear purple.

There was a full on Easter egg hunt complete with the Easter bunny and a golden egg…They tried to arrange it by age but since they all ran into the field at the same time…the announcer said…”oh heck…let them all go.” You can’t really hold back an Easter egg hunt, can you?

The Easter Bunny was pretty cute…but I still think my husband is cuter.

…the boho life is the life for me…

Are you happiest in a floppy hat with a denim shirt? …We are.

jan 12-11

jan 12-21

This outfit showcases the ‘Wishbone’ and ‘Be The Change’ Necklaces.

jan 12-31 “snip, snip”, cutting twine wearing the ‘Love Always’, ‘Open Heart’ and ‘Big Peace’ Bracelets.

jan 12-51 jan-121jan 12-61“Why so smiley?” Because we love the ‘Find Your Wings’ and ‘Peace Sign’ Necklace combo!

Lace and rustic wood make us feel at home in our boho chic frocks and leather strung jewelry.

Shop our rustic & romantic boho style jewelry…



…into the night…

Sometimes what you really need is a night wrapped in a blanket of stars, in a bed made of freshly fallen leaves…
2014-01-08 18.44.03 2014-01-08 18.44.25

2014-01-08 18.46.19Featuring our ‘Love Me Necklace’ long boho style piece hand shaped into the word love strung on leather, Our ‘Brave Heart Necklace’ in our classic pendant fashion and our ‘Whisper of Love Bracelet’, ‘Willing Heart Bracelet’ and the ‘Courage My Love Boho Wrap’.

1-2014-01-08 18.49.58

1-2014-01-08 18.56.28We loved the way our gold necklaces complemented the lace of this dress in a natural setting… Seen here is Our ‘Golden Wisdom Necklace’, ‘Golden Free Spirit Necklace’ and ‘Golden All You Need is Love Necklace’, ‘Girl With a Dream Bracelet’ and Our ‘Heart and Soul Cuff’.

1-2014-01-08 19.41.38Above is our spiritually inspired and ever popular symbol of protection the ‘Hamsa Necklace’, paired with the ‘Twisted Peace Necklace’.

Remember to always appreciate the natural beauty that exists around you, its yours to enjoy.


…An October Adventure…

It all started with a trip to the stables

Looking like a country queen wearing our ‘Only From the Heart Necklace‘ with our ‘Peace, Love & Horses Necklace‘… while shoveling hay…of course!

Did I forget to mention lots and lots of horse play…?


Time spent with a horse is more then just fun…. it feeds your ‘faith‘ it brings out a ‘strength‘ in you that you didn’t know you had…you learn about your self, but more then anything, you learn to trust and respect.

Stepping out of the stables and back to work…

We quickly realized boots go with just about anything… but they look especially good next to our ‘reliquary‘ and ‘big dream‘ bracelets…


We traveled down the road a bit to a nice spot over looking the ocean

Wind blown hair and peace of mind during a perfect sunset…and Our ‘Pure Heart Necklace‘.

PUREBLOG And as the golden rays cast away the day we celebrated… that ‘not all who wander are lost‘.


Until the next adventure…


…august adventure…

beachshoot27 We are starting a new tradition here at Island Cowgirl, were calling it the monthly get-away… we are going to take you on a journey with our jewelry to a destination fitting the jewelry’s inspiration.
beachshoot23 copyOur August style is called the Boho Beach Babe….

We went on an boardwalk beach cruiser adventure… a little trip to the beach. We played in the sand and surf taking photos of our jewelry in its natural element… by the seaside.

This months look includes the “Love Me Necklace”, “Pure Heart Necklace“, “Infinity Bracelet“, “Love’s Circle“, and The “Heart and Soul Cuff”.

Get inspired by our monthly looks, layered pieces and unique locations.

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…postcards from Atlanta…

americasmart 2013

Tradeshow season update….Every year we go to tradeshows. Every year we try to bring something new to the table.

This year besides having over 60 new designs…we got super ambitious. We decided to give our booth a major face lift and a radically new look. Which in my world usually means projects. And when anyone even remotely close to me hears me begin a sentence with the words “I have this idea”… or “I was thinking we should..” they usually run in the other direction because they know it means a project. And my projects are never simple…they usually involve crafting lots of complicated things out of not very readily available materials in a very specific manner…the blueprint of which only really resides in my head and of which no one else is privy to.

You see I am really good at dreaming up cool things to make. I am super duper lousy at drawing them out and explaining them to others. Which usually drives my reluctant volunteers crazy.

So my first task is to find some volunteers with the skills to execute my vision. Because god knows…I cannot sew and I cannot wood work. I would probably stitch my thumb and forefinger together in the first five minutes…and then cut them both off with the band saw shortly after.

Enter my new family members…

Did I marry into the most generous and crafty family ever or what?…a big giant huge shout out to my mother in law who slaved away yet again (and she thought the wedding dress was gonna be the end of the sewing tasks) making our new denim drapes.  After many trips to Good Will to buy up all the biggest sized jeans they had….she whipped them into shape and they were spectacular.

And my Bob-the-Builder husband, (who besides looking great in his tool belt) scanned Craigslist for months to find recycled fence post wood to make into all of our new necklace & bracelet displays…it took him a few solid weekends in the back yard…and I am sure he would have rather been doing other things…but he never complained…gotta love midwestern boys.

I love you guys. You totally rock. My booth looked even better than I had imagined it would.

americasmart booth

…this way to the beach…art…


First of all, we hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend, filled with laughter, good weather and great food! We know we did!

Secondly, we have good news….

We have NEW beach inspired art work in the store!

If you live in Huntington Beach or the neighboring areas make sure you stop in to our flagship store and check out all of the amazing new art work!


Its unique and rustic with a pop of color! Perfect for creating a subtle beachy environment in the house this summer, and something that can translate to the seasons year round!

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Island Cowgirl

…postcards from Tucson…

white stallion ranch

Every year I go to Tucson to the Gem Show that they hold there in February…I took a little detour this time at the end of my trip to spend a few days at a magical place called the White Stallion Ranch. I love finding out-of-the-way places to explore when I travel and this one does not disappoint. It is a 3000 acre ranch that has been family owned since 1965. It was built-in the 1900’s and originally began as a cattle ranch. They have over 120 horses on the property…and as you can see they are just as friendly as can be.


While sitting at breakfast (which is about as down home and yummy as can be) I met a lovely lady who is an artist. She was a bold and bright soul who at the age of 37 up and decided she wanted to live in the Grand Canyon. So she did. She spent 20 years as a mule guide in the Grand Canyon and also owned the beauty shop there. She is now retired but had ventured down to the ranch for a day of painting landscapes with her artist group.

I spent the day wandering around…bringing coffee to a few of the artists who were brave enough to paint in the early morning cold…and watching Diesel.


Diesel is probably the biggest horse I have ever seen. I was told he was close to 1600 lbs…and an absolute love bug. He has a great goatee too. Diesel was very interested in sniffing, pushing and trying to eat this artists paints…or painting…not really sure which. He chewed a bit on his artists case…


So there you have it…The White Stallion Ranch…I am sure to go back again soon!
~peace, love & horses


…happy trails…

happy trails


Today I decided to feature one of my favorites, Our Happy Trails Bracelet. I LOVE all of the details, from the bit and boots to the hearts… and horseshoes! It’s the perfect bracelet for any horse lover. It reminds me of all of the amazing times I’ve had riding. There is nothing quite like a girl’s bond with her horse.

happy trails horse

Our ‘Happy Trails‘ Bracelet $150…

You can purchase it for your self or as a gift for a friend at our website or by calling our flagship store in at 714-580-9909.

May you only have Happy Trails!