…halloween costumes & horses…

horse halloween costume island cowgirl jewelryHorses & Halloween costumes…Who would think the two would go together…but yes they do. At least at my barn they do. Every year Huntington Beach Equestrian Center hosts its own version of a Halloween Parade with some happy kids and some reluctant but very patient costume-wearing horses.

horse halloween costume dress horse up for halloween

I thought I would share with you a little glimpse of the festivities…it was a great day. Lots of laughs…a great boarders tack swap and money raised for some good horsie causes…

My favorite? I was partial to the cotton ball wearing Little Bo Peep. The Hippie Horse was a close runner up.

Next year my horse Sunny will be going in a giant pink bunny suit. Complete with bunny ears. I just needed to find 20 yards of furry pink fabric first. I am sure he will be thrilled.

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