…inspired by you…

Island Cowgirl Inspirational Jewelry

Some customer love! This is a photo sent to us from one of our awesome customers…Now we all know I am a big fan of stacking bracelets higher & higher and she has done it just right.

The top leather bracelet is our I Am Not Afraid Bracelet, and the bottom two cuffs are retired pieces from our archives…

I L*O*V*E the native american indian cuff she has on in the middle with the Carnelian stone…I love to collect vintage Navaho, Apache & Zuni Indian belt buckles and this reminds me of them. I am not sure which tribe that is from…but it is a beauty.

My great grandmother was American Indian…part of the Iroquois tribe of upstate New York. My mom always said that is where I got my perseverance from…my grandma. (Others would say stubborn-ness)

Send us photos of how you wear your Island Cowgirl…We would LOVE to see them…

Happy Trails!

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