…northstar’s christmas list…

Northstar Horse Charity

Many of you have asked for an update on Northstar. A while back we told you about a 6 year old family horse that was intentionally set on fire while in pasture. The family found him whining for them and wandering around the pasture in shock. “He was a mess, you could see where a liquid was poured on him and he was set on fire” his owner said.  He was burned to the bone at the tip of his withers.

An unspeakable act of animal cruelty which was unbelievably horrifying and which left a hole in my heart a mile wide.

In the past few months Island Cowgirl has participated in several charity auctions to raise money for Northstar’s treatment and recovery. We are happy to say that Northstar is doing amazingly well. He has had several skin grafts that have been healing better than expected and he has been one of the bravest souls we have ever seen and has touched so many with his courage. However, he is not out of the woods yet and his treatment & recovery could span a few years. He will need special care for the rest of his life.
Northstar still has a long road ahead of him and he is still in need of help…The charity helping him has set up a Christmas wish list for Northstar so if you are feeling like giving this holiday season…here is a way to help him directly by buying him exactly the things he needs from Jeffers.Northstars Christams List
If you would like to see the whole story about Northstar  and make a cash donation please visit his website, Help Northstar
Police are still seeking the person responsible for this crime. A $3000 reward is being offered so if you know anything about this please call 814-663-2043.
God speed Northstar. We love you.

…nigel’s hippie cousin…

Old English Sheepdog Nigel

We think we found Nigel’s long lost hippie cousin. I am kind of digging the beaded head band. I might make us matching ones

…into the fire…

Into the Fire Inspirational BraceletTis the season when we start making our limited edition & one of a kind jewelry available for everyone…far & wide. This is our “Into the Fire” bracelet which is pure love. Semi precious stones of carnelian, coral, moonstone & hematite are all carefully hand knotted on cotton cord…our square inspirational charm bearing the word “love” swings nearby.

Available on our website. Remember this piece of inspirational jewelry is a one-of-a-kind…so once it is gone…it is gone forever.



…spread love & good cheer…

Island Cowgirl Inspirational Love Ring

As we go into the holiday season and things get super hectic around the studio & the store…here is a ring that I love to wear as a reminder to spread love & good cheer.

Which can be a little hard when we are feeling pulled in a 100 different directions…trying to get everything done and make everyone happy. So today…I am going to sit & chill for just a brief shining moment and remind myself what is important, what I am grateful for  & all of the things that make my heart beat a little faster.

Ok…now back to work! We have Christmas trees to put up & poinsettias to water…


…small business weekend…

Island Cowgirl Jewelry Flagship StoreHappy Thanksgiving to all! Come by the store this weekend…we just finished trimming the tree and stocking our store for the holidays.

Help us celebrate Small Business Saturday by making it a small business weekend…support made in the USA as well as all of your local businesses. Remember to shop local!

Island Cowgirl Flagship Store
320 1/2 Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA  92648


…win your wishlist…

Win your wishlist!

It’s that time again where we love to spread the Cowgirl Holiday Cheer…Early!

Win Your Wishlist!

One lucky winner will receive a $250 Gift Card that you can use for our inspirational jewelry online or in our store. Just CLICK HERE to fill out the form to enter.

If you want more chances to win….Tell your friends about Win Your Wishlist and receive up to 10 additional entries!

Hurry! Contest ends on December 5th!

(Everyone LOVES inspirational handmade jewelry…so get some under the tree for FREE!)


…because in war there are no unwounded soldiers…

Vetrans Day Flag

Dear Veterans,

We are so very lucky to have had you. You are braver than most of us. And we thank you for that…perhaps not often enough.  We celebrate you as heroes and we do take you for granted. Hopefully this is the one day we do not.

My brother was in the Air Force. He wanted nothing more than to be a pilot. But his eyesight was not 20/20 so that was not meant to be. He did not let this get in his way. So he applied for the ROTC program in his freshman year in college. He was turned down.

In October of that year they offered him a spot…someone had dropped out. He accepted gladly…still trying to make his way to his dream. My brother went on to become wing commander of his ROTC group. He then went on to become the youngest Lt. Colonel ever in the Airforce.  And one of the youngest Colonel’s in the Airforce. His family has made great sacrifice to this country…often moving every year or so to some other base. Not easy with three kids. Often doing without their father for long periods of time. Not easy for anyone. And all from someone who was not their first pick.

Great things often come from unexpected places.

Peace and love rings

I am very proud of my brother and to all of the men & women who do things everyday that the rest of us, if we are being totally honest, would not.

And on this day…remember “In war, there are no unwounded soldiers”…Jose Narosky



…braid love…

I love all things yarn…all things hippie and most of all braids! I thought this was such a cool idea of braiding random pieces of yarn into your hair…You could even include some lace for a more romantical look…

Either way it is the epitome of Boho Chic…which is how we roll…

Happy Trails!
or Hippie Trails…whichever you prefer…